Report: NBA postpones Wednesday's game between Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs - Heat Nation

Report: NBA postpones Wednesday’s game between Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs

Tyler Herro and Dejounte Murray Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Heat won’t be in action on Wednesday.

The NBA has reportedly postponed Miami’s matchup with the San Antonio Spurs. The Heat don’t have enough available players to meet the required minimum.

The hope is certainly that the Heat will gain some available players in the near future. The team is being ravaged by injury and health issues at the moment.

With Wednesday’s game being postponed, Miami’s next contest is scheduled for Dec. 31. The Heat are scheduled to play the Houston Rockets in that game.

Only time will tell if the Heat will be able to meet the required eight available players for that matchup. Whenever Miami is able to take the floor again, the team will be looking to extend its four-game winning streak.

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