5 Things We Know So Far About the 2017-18 Miami Heat

5 Things We Know So Far About the 2017-18 Miami Heat

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5. The Heat need to target a star in the 2018 offseason

Paul George Oklahoma City Thunder

The Heat’s roster is talented and young with promising players at nearly every position, but in today’s NBA that will only get you so far. The last three NBA seasons have been dominated by teams with not just one, but often two, or three perennial All-Stars. The Heat have not had an All-Star on their team since Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh were named to the Eastern Conference squad in 2016.

For the Heat to truly get to the next level, and attempt to reclaim their spot atop the Eastern Conference and the NBA, they will have to aggressively pursue the many talented free agents that will be available this offseason.

There are a number of players the Heat could pursue, but there is perhaps only one star that the Heat should go all out for. No, not LeBron James. As fascinating as his return to Miami would be, it seems highly unlikely that James would leave Cleveland for any team other than the Los Angeles Lakers.

Paul George, however, is not out of the question. While he has also been heavily linked to the Los Angeles Lakers, that won’t stop the Heat from making a run at the seven-year pro. George is one of the few players in the NBA who’s elite on both the offensive and defensive end of the court and if he were to come to Miami, it would undeniably push them into the conversation of one of the best teams in the Eastern Conference. Right now, the Heat are a talented and experienced team looking for someone on their roster to push them over the hump. If a player like George were to sign with Miami, that search would be over, and the Heat would officially be back on the path to playoff success and beyond.
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