10 Players the Miami Heat Could Trade for by the Trade Deadline

10 Players the Miami Heat Could Trade for by the Trade Deadline

DeMarcus Cousins Miami Heat

5. Ryan Anderson

Ryan Anderson New Orleans Pelicans

Potential trade: Josh McRoberts and Chris Andersen for Ryan Anderson

Ryan Anderson has been discussed in multiple trade offers as the New Orleans Pelicans have been ravaged with injuries and are almost ready to give up on the playoff chase. Attempting to get something before Anderson potentially leaves in free agency would benefit both the Heat and Pelicans. The Pelicans get an effective McRoberts on a good contract for at least three more years, while the Heat pick up a proven stretch four. Many of Miami’s prayers would be answered with this trade. Anderson is averaging 17.0 points on 38.6 percent three-point shooting this season. Adding a player like this to Miami’s bench would surely help Gerald Green distribute the offense in the second unit. Known to be a stellar three-point shooter, Anderson would supplement the Heat’s 28th placed three-point shooting percentage (32.3%) greatly.

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