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Miami Heat Rumors: Stoudemire, Green and Wright Not Expected to Return to Heat


The Miami Heat have a huge offseason ahead of them. One that centers around re-signing stars Hassan Whiteside and Dwyane Wade as well as attempting to land a “whale,” better yet known as Kevin Durant.

With guys like that at the top of your list, your money can be expected be trimmed fast. Bringing back Whiteside and Wade alone will constrict the Heat’s flexibility this summer. It’s also one reason why Amar’e Stoudemire, Gerald Green and Dorell Wright aren’t expected to return to the Heat, according to the Miami Herald‘s Barry Jackson.

As transcribed by HoopsRumors.com, there is one ray of hope:

“Amar’e Stoudemire, Gerald Green, and Dorell Wright aren’t expected to return to the Heat, though that could change if Stoudemire and Green are willing to re-sign for the minimum.”

It might seem unlikely that other teams would want to pay these bench players more than the minimum but with the NBA’s cap set to ascend, money will no longer be an issue for numerous teams.

Both Stoudemire and Green were signed before the season began and saw their minutes get trimmed as the season went on. Wright, who the team added right before the postseason, also saw very little action in the playoffs.

While Stoudemire might be reaching closer to his end, Green still has a lot left in him. The 30-year-old averaged 8.9 points and 2.4 rebounds this past season. The stats may not be glaring compared to those in his previous two seasons with the Phoenix Suns, but it does show that the combo guard’s play is still intact and could lead to a prominent role with a different team next season.



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