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Five Reasons the Miami Heat’s 2016-17 Season Was a Success

Hassan Whiteside Warriors

4. A Season for the Record Books

Hassan Whiteside Game Winner

Not only did the Heat tally the longest winning streak in the NBA this year with 13 straight, they also became the only team in history to finish the season with an even record after falling 13+ games below .500. In fact, at one point, Miami was drowning at 19 games under .500, and still miraculously found a way to battle all the way back to a 41-41 record.

That’s totally unprecedented; no one’s ever even come close to accomplishing that.

By the way, those 13 straight wins also marked the longest winning streak by any team below .500 — ever. In addition, they’re the only team in NBA history to finish out a season going 30-11 or better and fail to make the playoffs. The two other teams in Heat history that finished 30-11 or better both went on to win the NBA championship.

It shouldn’t go unmentioned that Miami also led the NBA this season with eight total players scoring in double-digit figures. Naturally, the team would trade these records for a playoff berth — but they are still remarkable statistics to consider.

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